Compassion & Self Reflection

Compassion & Self Reflection

“You know what, Bunda? One day I will go up to our neighbour and tell them that they are very noisy.”
“You mean the neighbour upstairs?”
“Yes. They always make annoying sounds. Children running everywhere, footsteps, very noisy! I can’t sleep you know!”
“Halah! Before you do that, make sure you didn’t make our neighbour downstairs feel the same way, too. You are very annoying most of the time, you know? When you watch TV, you always jump around and stomp your feet. Don’t you think they feel the same way, too?”


Rayyan … Rayyan.

Inget ya, Nak. Kita ini memang paling mudah melihat cacat, cela, dan segala kekurangan orang lain.

Bak kuman yang begitu kecilnya di seberang lautan, namun bisa nampak … padahal ada gajah segede gaban di depan mata yang tak nampak.

Protes sesekali memang perlu, tak salah. Tapi sebelum melayangkannya pada orang lain, “dheloken jithokmu dhewe sek, cah bagus.” Lihat kekurangan diri sendiri dulu. Kita begitu enggak sama orang lain? Kalau iya, ya jangan protes ketika mendapat perlakuan yang sama dari orang lainnya.

Lha wong kamu sendiri yo gedubrakan tur pencilakan di rumah, sampai harus selalu diingetin buat duduk anteng, kok ndadak protes² barang.

“You have anything to say?”
“Mmm … no,
Bunda. I promise I won’t do that again … but I can still talk to our neighbour upstairs, right?”
“Hilih! Gayamu!”

If your compassion does not include yourself, buy a new mirror. (Rere)

Love Life, Rere

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